Structural Water Damage Inspection

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Structural Water Damage Inspection

Niki Francis Restorations employs technicians who are qualified and possess the experience and training to safely and effectively perform our water damage restoration according to IICRC certifications and ANSI/IICRC S500 Water Damage Restoration Standards. Niki Francis Restorations will inspect all areas of your residential or commercial property using advanced techniques including thermal imaging to check for water damage not visible and visible, including:

Structural Water Damage Restoration Services

Water leaks or storm and flood damage within your home or business can lead to structural damage to the entire building if the water is not cleaned up and removed right away.

Our full range of water damage restoration services include:

  • FREE Water Damage Inspection
  • Classification of Extent of the Water Damage
  • Water Damage Cleanup Solution

Contact Niki Francis Restorations immediately following water damage to minimize structural repairs to your residential or commercial property in the Main Line Philadelphia area. We’ll perform emergency water damage restoration promptly and professionally - to your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Why Choose Niki Francis Restorations

Niki Francis Restorations is considered a leader in the water damage clean up business in the Main Line Philadelphia area. We have the experience and advanced equipment to perform water extraction, water removal, water damage restoration and reconstruction to return your home or business to pre-loss condition.