Plumbing Leak Water Damage Restoration

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Plumbing Overflow Cleanup

A leak in your water supply system is far more than a simple plumbing issue. If it isn’t put under immediate control, it can cause a destructive indoor flood that will damage your structure and contents. Water may not seem threatening at first glance, but it can corrode metals, weaken wood, ruin textiles and create biological hazards if it isn’t addressed quickly enough.

Don’t allow water intrusion to inflict thousands of dollars’ worth of losses on your home or office. When you spot a plumbing leak or have a distinct plumbing overflow problem, call Niki Francis Restorations immediately. We are the Main Line Philadelphia area's premier remedy for all plumbing overflow cleanup challenges.


Plumbing Leak Water Damage Restoration

Broken Plumbing water damage

Whether you’re dealing with sneaky pinhole leaks or a full-blown pipe burst, we can help you deal with the problem quickly, safely and effectively. When you call Niki Francis Restorations over to your site, our team of experts will zero in on the plumbing leak and/or overflow issue and provide you with a free inspection of all affected areas. We will then provide you with a detailed cost estimate so that you can make the best decision concerning your property. Once you give us the green light, we’ll get started right away on implementing the following restoration process:

  1. Water source shutdown
  2. Damage mapping
  3. Flood containment
  4. Water extraction
  5. Dehumidification
  6. Disinfection
  7. Deodorization
  8. Structural Restoration
  9. Final assessment


Contact us at Niki Francis Restorations today and get immediate help from our friendly staff in the Main Line, Philadelphia area. We can dispatch the water damage restoration team to your place on short notice. Our lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take your call in case of an emergency, so don't hesitate to call us at 610-525-5001 at any time. For general inquiries, you may also reach us via email through our Contact Us page. Remember: for all your plumbing leak-related concerns, trust only in Niki Francis Restorations!

We are a premier provider of water damage restoration services with significant years of experience and an excellent track record in the Main Line area. We have the personnel, equipment and expert knowledge that’s needed for dealing with indoor flooding, regardless of its scale and source.