Water & Fire Damage Restoration Services in Fort Washington, PA

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Damage from the aftermath of disasters like storms, and fires, is difficult to fix. Basements that are knee-deep in water, and soot and smoke that are not properly cleared from the vicinity are dangerous to one’s health, and property. If these damages are left unattended, problems such as mold growth, and numerous health risks arise.

Professional property reconstruction and restoration in Fort Washington, PA

The crew members of Niki Francis Restorations, can help you prevent those risks from happening even before they could start. Experienced and versatile with home restoration, and cleanup we restore the damages caused by disasters like storms, water, and fire; we also offer cabinet restoration, and mold remediation. At Niki Francis Restorations, we only use the latest technology, bringing you fast and safe service each time we do our job. We dedicate ourselves to bring excellent service for our clients; no task is too big or too small for us to handle.

Call 610-525-5001, and we can talk more about our services, or answer any of your inquiries. You may also click here for more information or visit our homepage.

We Strive to Provide Our Customer With The Best Service Possible:

Here at Niki Francis Restoration, our lines are always open 24hours a day, seven days a week. We assure all of our clients that all situations will be handled through the safest and cleanest way possible. Because of our professional customer care, your property, and health are getting the best out of any situation.

Things to Learn About Fort Washington, PA

valley forge historical park located near fort washington, pa

Home of more than 5,446 people, Fort Washington, PA, is located approximately 157.7 mi, Northeast of Montgomery County; a city near locations which showcase the beautiful history of America. Some of the places where you can learn more about our country’s history are Hope Lodge Historical Site, an intact 18th century mansion which displays both colonial, and colonial revival interpretations, and the Valley Forge National Historical Park; which was once the site of the third winter encampment of the Continental Army during the American Revolution.