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Cabinet Restoration Services in Montgomery Bucks County and Chester County, PA

before and after pictures of kitchen cabinet restoration after burst water pipe before and after pictures of kitchen cabinets damaged by fire and then restored

Restoring cabinets is truly an art form in the Montgomery Bucks County and Chester County, PA, area. Clients will use Niki Francis Restoration services to renew cabinets that are either old and worn or damaged by flooding and fires. We specialize in restoring cabinets to their original condition.

We can repair/restore cabinet after a water or fire loss. Many times up to 80% less then replacement. This is because we have the skills necessary to rebuild any cabinet and match any finish.

Most contractors need to purchase a replacement cabinet, this is usually impossible since colors and styles change all the time. Here at Niki Francis Restorations we have a complete cabinet shop and finishing shop. This allows us to manufacture matching parts and cabinets as needed. Since we can match one door or one cabinet to an existing kitchen we do not need to replace the complete kitchen. This saves time and money for you. There is no need to tear out the existing kitchen or install a new one because the sink cabinet was damage do to a leak. In many cases we can replace the cabinet without removing the counter top.

Niki Francis Restorations is Your Go To Company for Cabinet Refacing, Refinishing, and Custom Cabinet Restorations.

If your cabinets are old and worn, a great and inexpensive way to spruce up tired cabinets is cleaning and cabinet restoration, rather than a complete renovation. In just a short time, your kitchen cabinets restoration can be complete to look as good as new by simply touching up your existing finish and adding a protective coating to your cabinets.

Did you know that real wood kitchen cabinets attract more grease, grime, and dust than any other area of the house? Sometimes a good cleaning is all that it takes, but overtime, kitchen cabinets get scratched, worn, and discolored. Rather than spending the astronomical amounts of money and a copious amount of time to get a complete renovation, consider a more cost effective solution of kitchen cleaning and cabinet restoration that will completely change the face of your kitchen.

We Strive to Provide Our Customers With The Best Service Possible:

  • Quick Response Times
  • 24 Hr Emergency Water Extraction & Cleanup Services
  • Complete and Thorough Structural Drying
  • We Bill & Communicate Directly With Your Insurance
  • Daily Monitoring of Damaged Property
  • Fully Equipped To Handle Any Size Loss
  • Professional Customer Care

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