How to Prepare Your Home before a Hurricane Hits

Man measuring windows for hurricane shuttersHurricanes can cause untold amounts of destruction, especially for those who are unprepared for it. Many people across the country have become more aware of the importance of emergency preparedness when it comes to dealing with these disasters before they even hit. Knowing what to do during these times can not only save the life of you and your family, but it can also minimize any property damage that the storm can inflict.

Here are some useful tips on how you can prepare your home for a hurricane.

  • Create an emergency preparedness kit. A typical kit includes water and non-perishables for at least three days, a flashlight, a first aid kit, a whistle to signal for help, a battery or hand crank powered radio, sanitation supplies, local maps of your area, a wrench, pliers, a can opener to for food, prescription medicine for anyone with a medical condition, and a charger for your cell phone.
  • Discuss a communications or evacuation plan for your family. Teaching our family member what to do and whom to call in case of an emergency proves essential for their safety and survival. Unexpected circumstances can separate you from your loved ones, so it’s important that they are educated on where to go in case this happens. It would also be handy for children to keep a contact information card with them at all times.
  • Follow the evacuation guide issued by FEMA. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has clear guidelines on what to do in disaster situations like a hurricane. The main highlights of the plan include gathering information, planning and taking action, and recovering from the disaster.
  • Secure your property. You can fortify your home by boarding up your windows with 5/8” exterior grade or marine plywood. Other options that you can use include the installation of permanent storm shutters or laminated glass with impact-resistant glazing for added protection.
  • Trim any tree branches or shrubs around your home. This should reduce the risk of them being uprooted and cause injury.
  • Bring in all outdoor furniture and house décor, as well as anything else that’s not tied down.
  • Move to a lower level floor if you’re in a high rise building when the storm hits. Be prepared to take shelter on a lower floor since wind strength increases with altitude. However, in case of a flood, try to find a level that is safely above the flooding.
  • Check for clogged rain gutters and downspouts. Hurricanes often bring heavy rains, which can cause excessive flooding. You can mitigate this by making sure that your house’s drainage system is working properly to divert as much water away from the property and avoid its accumulation.

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