The Advantages of Crawl Space Encapsulation

a photo of a crawl space under a home

As a homeowner, you always want to get the best out of your living spaces. You want to live in a home that is not only cost effective, but also a positive space for people and the environment. However, because of today’s ever shifting climate and accessible gadgets and appliances, it can be difficult to achieve the well-balanced home environment you have always wanted.

Hi-tech equipment and appliances, and not to mention weather that can be extreme, is ever more prevalent in this century. People have become so dependent on electronics that an average American home has 24 electronic products. With that many electronic devices that are plugged to a socket to make it function or charge, it is quite difficult to reduce your electricity cost; especially during the seasons of winter and summer.

These two seasons present two extreme temperatures; winter is very cold, while summer is extremely hot. It is during these seasons, however, when you mostly rely on your heater and air conditioning units to fend off the discomfort of the temperature.

It is no surprise that with the excessive use of these appliances, an expensive electric bill is waiting just around the corner; for most homeowners, they do their best to avoid this situation as much as possible. Many have switched to consuming less energy and replaced their appliances to energy sufficient models, but did you know that there is a narrow space in your home that can help you lower your electric costs?

Crawl Space Encapsulation

A crawl space is an area of your home that is either completely or partially below the ground floor; it is called as such because it is impossible to stand upright in this space. Although this space feels like an empty chasm, it actually has the capability to maximize the potential of your home.

Through installations like crawl space encapsulation, you can turn that free space into an area that could work for you.

Crawl space encapsulation gives you three benefits:

  • Helps Reduce Your Energy Consumption
  • Reduces Moisture Exposure
  • Regulates the Temperature in Your Home

Regulating air temperature and reducing your energy consumption work hand in hand. Because of the material that is used in encapsulating your crawl space, whatever the temperature of the air that comes in your home, the material will do its job to adjust and spread the new air in your home. So, if hot air comes in, through the crawl space encapsulation, the air will be cooled before it enters your home and vice versa.

Too much moisture behind the walls and under the floors of your home can lead to wood rotting, nasty smelling odors, and mold infestation. By encapsulating your crawl space, it will reduce the chances of water leakage, thus lowering the possibility of those situations mentioned before.

A simple installment can turn your home's functionality around. Choose to encapsulate your crawl space now to get the best of every square inch of your home!

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