Testimonial from USAA Insurance Company

a banner image of charred kitchen cabinets from fire damage

A before and after fire restoration cabinet

USAA Insurance Company contacted us at Niki Francis Restoration to complete a project involving fire damage in a kitchen. Specifically, the project involved restoring kitchen cabinets that had been charred.

Before USAA Insurance Company reached out to us, they spoke with two other cabinet installers that both claimed the cabinets could not be repaired and the color would never match. Well not only did we restore the cabinets, but we also matched the colors perfectly, according to USAA Insurance.

The overall project was a complete success and USAA Insurance was very pleased with the outcome. They even let us know that Niki Francis Restoration saved them over 15 thousand dollars on the claim. They also told us that "they were extremely impressed with the quality and eye for detail, allowing [Niki Francis] to deal with a very difficult customer."

niki francis restoration testimonial from a satisfied client.