New Property Three-Story Residential Flood in Ardmore, PA

Residential Flood restoration

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After learning about a new property flood in Ardmore, PA, Niki Francis Restorations was called to the scene of disaster to restore a completely flooded three-story home. It was a new property that had just had the water turned on and the bathroom and bathtub overflowed for three days straight. It was a total house flood when it was found.

Residential Flood wet floor drying

The duct system was completely filled with water as well. Representatives at the scene had filled six mop buckets with water that poured from the vents when plugs were removed. Once Niki Francis Restorations got to the home, they began working by removing water and completely drying out the home. Luckily they were able to do so without any demolition work involved and they were also able to save the carpets, flooring, and all drywall affected.

Niki Francis technicians used floor panels, hot air injectors in the walls and dehumidifiers on each floor to dry out the flooded water. This also helped add air flow to the restoration process and prevent having to do any tear out or demolition. It took five days to completely dry out the house and Niki Francis Restorations insured USAA directly. This was another successful water damage restoration project for Niki Francis Restorations.